Our Story

Among the gently rolling hills of Tuscany and nestled between the Apennine mountains and the glittering Mediterranean Sea, resides Casa di Francesca. An elegant 17th C. villa, Casa di Francesca can be reached from the local church, following a cypress-lined gravel road that meanders through magnificent vineyards and silvery olive groves. Soon thereafter, one becomes aware of a meadow, opening up to lush, terraced gardens that proceed up the hill, leading visitors through the grand wooden doors of the villa, where centuries ago lived the proprietress, Francesca.

Francesca was both wise and worldly. With ideas and dreams ahead of her time, Francesca became such an icon to her friends and family that they named the villa in her honor. Cultured and affluent, Francesca enjoyed a vigorous life of adventure believing that the best way to develop the mind and expand one's knowledge of the world was to experience it, firsthand. A true Renaissance woman, and one of the few women to tour Europe via the Grand Tour in the late 1600’s, Francesca traveled seeking knowledge of foreign lands, national characteristics, and cultural artifacts. Francesca's study of European gardens became her passion - she pursued the vibrant colors and intoxicating aromas to their source, examining, documenting, and bringing back to Casa di Francesca the various flowers and herbs that engaged her senses. During her journeys, Francesca always carried her family in her heart and looked forward to returning home when she could share what she had collected with her loved ones. It was important to her that they could partake of her magnificent drawings, exotic plants, tantalizing aromas, and visions, so that in some small way, they too, could experience the high-lights of her Grand Tour.

Created in the image of a remarkable woman, Casa di Francesca is a Home Fragrance Collection inspired by the rich surroundings, emotions, and stories Francesca shared with her family upon returning from her Grand Tour of Europe. The Borghese family - a lineage of ancient Italian noblemen including in its ancestry a pope, several cardinals, patrons of the arts, philanthropists, and a family link to Napoleon - proudly presents Casa di Francesca. With the Borghese name and coat of arms inscribed on the facade of the world famous Saint Peter's Cathedral, the Borghese family continues their attention to beauty and well-being, while reflecting their passion for Italian culture, art, and traditions. Like her villa in tuscany, the harmony of colors and aromas of Casa di Francesca will lend your home a welcoming spirit of enchantment, beauty, warmth and elegance.

Home is where our heart is . . .

The home is a place of comfort and refuge; a place where we feel we belong.

It reflects our individual taste and like us, each space has a distinct personality.

The collection of scents by Casa di Francesca is presented to fill your home with the perfect one that opens the floodgates to create a lifetime of memories. Whether you choose the vibrant fruit inspired ones to brighten your space or the relaxing floras to greet you at the front door, Casa di Francesca has your home in mind with each distinctive fragrance. Meticulously true to the scent, these single note fragrances can be mixed and matched from room to room.  You are certain to find your and your home’s personality in the collection.

When I created Casa di Francesca I wanted its foundation to be based on the idea of reaching out to others with acts of kindness. Whether it is a simple as creating a fragrance that adds a little bliss to each day or donating a percentage of our sales to a charity, I want everything we do to involve an act of kindness. We launched in November of 2008 by giving back a percentage of our sales to St. Judes and continue our efforts to reach out and make a difference. Every time you purchase an item from Casa di Francesca it comes from our home to yours so that together we can help theirs. Because you reached out you have already made a difference. If you would like to find out more about the charities you have helped please click the links below.

Have a Grateful Day,

- Katie Borghese

My husband Skip and I in Italy last summer.


Casa di Francesca proudly supports two foundations close to our heart.

More than Me Foundation

The More than Me foundation’s goal is to educate young girls in one of the world’s poorest country, Liberia, West Africa. The goal is to get girls off the street and into school. A portion of each purchase from Casa di Francesca will help fund the very first More than Me Academy. Here, are girls will have an inspiring school during the day and place to go in the evening that is safe and empowering; we will provide psychological support, health-care, nutritional guidance as well as recreational activities and vocational training. Educating one girl changes everything. When a girl in the developing world receives seven or more years of education, she marries 4 years later and has 2.2 fewer children. An extra year of primary school boosts girls' eventual wages by 10 to 20%. An extra year of secondary school: 15 to 25%. When women and girls earn income. www.morethanme.org


Heartworks is a local charity that originated with a group of women in Bernardsville, New Jersey, who get together once a month for camaraderie and good intentions. Heartworks was created in response to the tremendous acts of kindness that sustained so many families for the weeks, months and years following September 11, 2001. The mission of Heartworks is to create opportunities for women to gather for their own spiritual and emotional growth and to generate acts of kindness in the community and throughout the world.  www.njheartworks.org