Sister Sale May 14 2013

If you took a snap shot of my life 20 years ago I would be sitting with my sister at the kitchen table, flipping through stacks of catalogs. With black sharpies in hand, we would circle countless outfits that we had no intention or means to buy. Even though we knew that none of these beautiful clothes would hang in our closets, I was satisfied, happy, feeling loved and having fun “shopping” at the kitchen table with my sister.  Here we would also rip out the pages of fashion and home magazines, building piles of looks we loved and stacks of dream homes that we would, of course, some day own.  My sister was the fashion girl and I, home design. What’s funny is that looking back now, not much has changed.  After years of decided what career paths we should take, we ended up right back there at the kitchen table. Caroline now designs super chic and effortless fashions for her line Trunks Beach Couture and I started Casa di Francesca as a way to make any home feel like a dream house.  For the first time you can see both of our collections featured under one roof – One Kings Lane is hosting an online event for both Trunks Beach Couture and Casa di Francesca starting today, Tuesday, May 14th through Friday, May 17th

My sister, Caroline & me <3