Casa di Francesca featured in May issue of Traditional Home! May 02 2013

I always feel like a proud mama when someone shares her love of Casa di Francesca.  But I was especially giddy when I spotted our Millefiori Murano glass bowl featured in the “New and Next” section of this months Traditional Home.  I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember so to see my company’s name printed on their glossy page was a real treat!

I am also super pumped that they featured Murano Glass.  I have long loved these beautiful designs and will forever be inspired by the artist that create them.  During my last visit I was sad to hear that many of the century-old factories have closed their doors because much of their business is moving east where factories are stamping out copies of their works at a fraction of the price.  I think it’s important to know the extreme difference in the quality of glass and to understand the amount of time, talent, love and passion that goes into each piece.  Some pieces take days to complete.  The piece that was featured in Tradition Home is called “Millefiori” which means 1000 flowers and describes the floral mosaic pattern in the glass.  Each one of these flowers was first created by layering different colors of molten glass over a ball of hot glass that is stretched until it becomes a long spaghetti-like string.  The rod is then sliced like a loaf of bread to create the floral disc.  These pieces are then laid out on a platter in a pattern of the Maestros design.  A molten ball of glass is then rolled over the platter to pick up the pieces of glass.  As the maestro blows, molds and sculpts the glass his work of art is soon revealed.  And now it must sit in a cooling oven for a least 1 day so that the glass cools slowly.  If the temperature drops too fast, these treasured works of art could shatter.  You can check out this video on my home page - enjoy!