Hello Spring! Oh how I missed you May 01 2013

Ahhh . . .  as the snow starts to melt and give way to the grass below I start to dream of spring.  Cherry Blossoms unfurling their pink petticoats, candy colored tulips and the sweet smell of fresh green grass that sprouts up like the down on a baby chick’s back.  Visions of spring and the first hint of warm weather fills me with happiness that rivals a singing nun on the hillsides of Austria and ‘my cup runneth’ over . . .  until . . . I turn my attention indoors.  Now, in comparison to the fresh outdoors, my cozy winter enclave feels faded and in need of a desperate spring cleaning.  This is a chore that I take on each year with equal amounts of distain and enjoyment.  Nothing pleases me more than a house wiped clean, organized and freshly pressed but the amount of work it takes to bring it to this point can sometimes seem overwhelming. 

One thing that helps me is the annual yard sale that Heartworks, a local ‘acts of kindness group’, holds in April.  All of the money raised goes to help local families so it takes the guilt out of getting rid of items that I no longer hold dear.  And soon, like the melting of snow, my house gives way to clean counter spaces and organized closets.  After folding, separating, cleaning and sorting I reward myself by popping open a fresh new round of floral diffusers.  Deep Lilac, Mediterranean Lavender, English Gardens, Casablanca Lily and Creamy Tahitian Gardenia are the perfect fragrances for this happy time of year.  Each scent is true to the flower itself and now a walk through my home feels more like a stroll through a botanical garden. 

Hello fresh, clean, happy, bright and cheery spring - Oh how I missed you!