Sister Sale May 14 2013

If you took a snap shot of my life 20 years ago I would be sitting with my sister at the kitchen table, flipping through stacks of catalogs. With black sharpies in hand, we would circle countless outfits that we had no intention or means to buy. Even though we knew that none of these beautiful clothes would hang in our closets, I was satisfied, happy, feeling loved and having fun “shopping” at the kitchen table with my sister.  Here we would also rip out the pages of fashion and home magazines, building piles of looks we loved and stacks of dream homes that we would, of course, some day own.  My sister was the fashion girl and I, home design. What’s funny is that looking back now, not much has changed.  After years of decided what career paths we should take, we ended up right back there at the kitchen table. Caroline now designs super chic and effortless fashions for her line Trunks Beach Couture and I started Casa di Francesca as a way to make any home feel like a dream house.  For the first time you can see both of our collections featured under one roof – One Kings Lane is hosting an online event for both Trunks Beach Couture and Casa di Francesca starting today, Tuesday, May 14th through Friday, May 17th

My sister, Caroline & me <3


Casa di Francesca featured in May issue of Traditional Home! May 02 2013

I always feel like a proud mama when someone shares her love of Casa di Francesca.  But I was especially giddy when I spotted our Millefiori Murano glass bowl featured in the “New and Next” section of this months Traditional Home.  I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember so to see my company’s name printed on their glossy page was a real treat!

I am also super pumped that they featured Murano Glass.  I have long loved these beautiful designs and will forever be inspired by the artist that create them.  During my last visit I was sad to hear that many of the century-old factories have closed their doors because much of their business is moving east where factories are stamping out copies of their works at a fraction of the price.  I think it’s important to know the extreme difference in the quality of glass and to understand the amount of time, talent, love and passion that goes into each piece.  Some pieces take days to complete.  The piece that was featured in Tradition Home is called “Millefiori” which means 1000 flowers and describes the floral mosaic pattern in the glass.  Each one of these flowers was first created by layering different colors of molten glass over a ball of hot glass that is stretched until it becomes a long spaghetti-like string.  The rod is then sliced like a loaf of bread to create the floral disc.  These pieces are then laid out on a platter in a pattern of the Maestros design.  A molten ball of glass is then rolled over the platter to pick up the pieces of glass.  As the maestro blows, molds and sculpts the glass his work of art is soon revealed.  And now it must sit in a cooling oven for a least 1 day so that the glass cools slowly.  If the temperature drops too fast, these treasured works of art could shatter.  You can check out this video on my home page - enjoy!

Hello Spring! Oh how I missed you May 01 2013

Ahhh . . .  as the snow starts to melt and give way to the grass below I start to dream of spring.  Cherry Blossoms unfurling their pink petticoats, candy colored tulips and the sweet smell of fresh green grass that sprouts up like the down on a baby chick’s back.  Visions of spring and the first hint of warm weather fills me with happiness that rivals a singing nun on the hillsides of Austria and ‘my cup runneth’ over . . .  until . . . I turn my attention indoors.  Now, in comparison to the fresh outdoors, my cozy winter enclave feels faded and in need of a desperate spring cleaning.  This is a chore that I take on each year with equal amounts of distain and enjoyment.  Nothing pleases me more than a house wiped clean, organized and freshly pressed but the amount of work it takes to bring it to this point can sometimes seem overwhelming. 

One thing that helps me is the annual yard sale that Heartworks, a local ‘acts of kindness group’, holds in April.  All of the money raised goes to help local families so it takes the guilt out of getting rid of items that I no longer hold dear.  And soon, like the melting of snow, my house gives way to clean counter spaces and organized closets.  After folding, separating, cleaning and sorting I reward myself by popping open a fresh new round of floral diffusers.  Deep Lilac, Mediterranean Lavender, English Gardens, Casablanca Lily and Creamy Tahitian Gardenia are the perfect fragrances for this happy time of year.  Each scent is true to the flower itself and now a walk through my home feels more like a stroll through a botanical garden. 

Hello fresh, clean, happy, bright and cheery spring - Oh how I missed you!

Kevin Sharkey From Features Our Murano Glass February 05 2013

Kevin Sharkey from Martha Stewart's Home Design blog recently highlighted our Murano glass saying, "Stunning glassware that helps a good cause? Who could say no."

Read the original article.

More Than Me - A Special Thanks! December 13 2012

As many of you know, Katie is part of a special organization called More Than Me which helps raise money to save the lives of young girls living in Libera.  More than Me was part of the Chase giving Awards, where they were awarded the big prize of One Million Dollars!

A special thanks goes out to all of you who have supported the organization by spreading the word and voting on Facebook!

Check out the below feature on Katie and More Than Me!

In Vogue! September 26 2012

How special is it to be featured in the October 2012 issue of Vogue Magazine! The feature entitled "Heart of Glass" accounts for our time on the Venetian island of Murano. The art of creating Murano Glass dates back for centuries, with each piece telling a story. These antique treasures will be the perfect addition to your home.

We are happy that we were able to bring our findings back for you to enjoy in your homes, and as a special gift from us to you, please enjoy 20% off any purchase from the Limited Edition Murano Glass Collection. Just enter the code CASAVOGUE20 at checkout!

Welcome to Our New Site September 05 2012

Welcome to the new Casa di Francesca website.

I am so happy that you have decided to “stop in” and experience the specially selected and exclusively created collection of home ambiance and lifestyle goods I have personally designed for Casa di Francesca.

Each of these accoutrements will find a special place in your home  - they are reflective of the wonderful Italian history and art that has inspired millions of individuals for thousands of years.

Casa di Francesca includes reed diffusers and coordinating fragrances, candles and potpourri as well as a curated collection of Murano glasswear that I have personally selected to re-invigorate the beloved art form of hand blown glass.